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Best Camping Destinations in Karnataka


Nothing would have brought us greater delight as children than erecting a tent and playing within it! This enthusiasm is likely to stay with us forever, pushing us to experience it in real life. Camping is, without a doubt, one of the most pleasant and must-try activities. Staying on a mountain or in the forest is a thrilling and exciting prospect. In this post, we’ll go over some of the best camping spots in Karnataka.


Mullayanagiri Peak is one of the most popular trekking destinations these days, and it is well-known among hikers. The Mullayanagiri highlands walk is all about the rustic yet beautiful trails. It takes approximately an hour and a half to reach the uppermost peak from the base point, and the view from the top is breathtaking. When you visit here, you will be at Karnataka’s highest mountain, which means you will be treated to some of the most breathtaking views. The trail is well-maintained, and the top has lush grasses and rocky outcroppings. Mullayanagiri is not just a hikers’ paradise, but also a top camping destination.



Tadiandamol is located atop one of Karnataka’s most picturesque and undeveloped peaks, rising to roughly 1748 metres and serving as the highest point in the Coorg/Kodagu region. Hikers will be enthralled by the panoramic views from the summits. The track leads you through the Shola forest’s great breadth, and it’s a day journey, making it even more accessible to city dwellers—whether avid trekkers or hikers. In the foothills of the mountain, the “Nalknad-Palace” is a well-known historical site. Tadiandamol is a great place to visit if you want to see Kodagu at its finest. The splendour of the pristine landscapes, mysterious environs, and sections of Shola grasslands is guaranteed to engulf you. Trekking and camping are both options for those who want to appreciate the tranquility of the area.



Sakleshpur, a charming hamlet near Bengaluru, has become a popular weekend destination. It is surrounded by beautiful hills and coffee farms and is quickly becoming a popular hangout for young people. The pleasant environment, along with the rich green foliage, provides a great chance for adventurous activities.



Stay in one of Dandeli’s Hill Top Tree Houses in the beautiful Jungle Camp Resort. Dandeli Jungle Camp is set in the tranquil lush vegetation of Dandeli’s Undiscovered Jungles, in which the lush green forest is a rare natural treasure. A crisp morning with dew on the grass showering your feet, making you feel even more exotic. The Jungles’ tranquil beauty invites you to explore and absorb the freshness that tempts you to want more… Dandeli, on the banks of the Kali River, is famed for its forest reserves and animals. It has also become one of Karnataka’s top white river rafting destinations in recent years. Dandeli tourist features include nature hikes and jungle excursions. Jungle camping is unquestionably worthwhile in a setting like this! Camping is an exciting way to spend time in the woods, and Dandeli is one of the greatest in the state!


Kanoor Kote

Exploring the unknown provides a special excitement. Kanoor Kote Fort is a unique attraction located deep within the Shimoga area. A hike to Dabbe Falls and Kanoor Kote Fort is the ideal way to see Sharavathi Valley’s panoramas. It’s even more fun to camp among the deep foliage that surrounds this area. Globalisation is causing us to lose our natural heritage. Greener meadows are rare to come by in cities these days. As a result, experiencing the mountains and deep woods is nothing short of awe-inspiring. Camping is one of the ways we may experience the tranquility of nature while also learning about the value of lush foliage.


Nandi Hills

Are you looking for a beautiful hill-station to camp in? Nandi Hills is a fantastic place to visit for adventure and pleasure! While climbing the hills to more wonderful sites, this place affords some very enchanting vistas to capture in your shots. If that wasn’t enough, you may also take a trip through some of this magnificent location’s beautiful meadows and valleys, as well as witnessing the bubbling waters at the magnificent waterfalls.


Bilikal Rangaswamy Betta

The tallest slopes would be the ideal location for engaging in daring activities! Bilikal Rangaswamy Betta is a great hill-station near Bangalore for leisure activities such as trekking, camping, and mountain climbing. It’s also one of the state’s tallest hills, and if you’re up for a challenge, you may try climbing the very top of it. Camping and picnicking in this densely forested area is an unforgettable experience. These Karnataka locations will provide you with a very hard experience and an amazing adrenaline rush. If you’re still in Karnataka and want to try some more activities, head to one of the state’s famous beaches to try out some amazing water sports, or travel to Madhugiri to see Asia’s largest monolithic hill or Charmady Ghat to camp by the river and hills.

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