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Best 5 Budget-Friendly Air Coolers in 2022

Air coolers have become one of the must-have electronics appliances in our households. It helps in beating the heat of scorching summer in an effective manner.

Ranging from tower air cooler models to standing and remote models, there are a lot of options available in the Indian market. 

However, when it comes to purchasing the best air cooler, the main factor you have to consider is affordability. You can also get the best Symphony tower cooler which is very well within the budget for the majority of the people. 

Here are some of the 5 best air coolers in 2022. Keep reading to know more!

Voltas VM T35MH tower air cooler:

At 6,990/- this cooler has numerous features to offer. With no deposition of dirt and sediments and long-lasting cooling, the Voltas tower air cooler is a perfect buy that fits many people’s budgets. 

The efficacious cooling pad distributes the air uniformly throughout the room at different cooling levels, it is almost noiseless and provides uninterrupted cooling for a longer period under the aid of a 35-litres water tank capacity. 

Selling the Voltas air cooler price of Rs. 8900 is one of the super affordable tower coolers in India that you can consider buying. 

Symphony Diet 12T personal tower air cooler:

Ideal for rooms up to 12 square metres(130sqft), equipped with a large 12-litres water tank capacity and consumption of 165 watts only, this symphony tower cooler is perfect if you’re looking for a cost-effective as well as minimal power-consuming tower air cooler. 

East mobility is made easy with strong wheels, the cool flow dispenser and the highly efficient honeycomb pad provide superior cooling and you need not worry about inhaling impure air as it’s powered by i-pure technology that ensures the air quality of air before it is released. 

Symphony Diet 12T tower air cooler comes for 6,050/-. Super affordable, isn’t it?

Symphony Diet 3D 30i portable tower air cooler:

Battle the sweltering temperatures of summer with this symphony tower cooler that delivers 3D cooling under the aegis of a long-lasting dura pump, 3-sides honeycomb pads and a cool flow dispenser for just 9,399/-. 

Facilitated with 30 litres tank capacity, the tower air cooler is user friendly and consumes low power and even operates on inverters.

The high-speed powerful blower at a stroke brings down the temperature of your room and keeps you safe with the SMPS technology that shuts off the cooler automatically during voltage fluctuations.

An impeccable deal for those looking for a modern-day yet budget-friendly tower air cooler.

Crompton Ozone desert tower air cooler:

Equipped with an ice chamber and high-density honeycomb pads Crompton’s tower air cooler ensures to throw cool air with a boost of ice.

An Everlast pump to restrain jamming issues even when using hard water. For 10,500/- say goodbye to the scorching heat and enjoy the summer with this tower air cooler.    

Symphony Diet 55i tower air cooler with remote:

The coverage area of this symphony tower cooler is 16 square metres and it provides odor- causing microorganisms free and allergens free air with its multistage filtration mechanism.

In addition to its chic and sleek appearance, the automatic pop-up touchscreen and magnetic remote make it easily operable. 

A 55-litres tank with a tank alarm notifies you when it needs to be refilled. It’s a very efficient tower air cooler that comes at a reasonable price of Rs. 12,990. Being on a budget, it is one of the best air coolers that you can get for your home. 

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