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Benefits of Washing your face with hot and cold water

A good habit to maintain healthy skin is facial cleansing. It is essential to wash your face after cleansing, since impurities of every kind accumulate throughout the day, from smog to makeup.


But do we know the best way to clean our faces? We may not be able to answer the simple question of which is better: hot, cold, or warm water.


Also, we may probably choose one of these temperatures every day, whether it is out of habit or because we are influenced by someone. We will be discussing the pros and cons of each method of washing your face in this article.


Use cold water to wash your face

First, it is important to know that cold water stimulates circulation. This allows toxins to be moved more efficiently through the capillaries. It also facilitates the expulsion of any residues from the skin.

Does Washing Your Face With Cold Water Help Acne? You can prevent skin problems such as acne from accumulating toxins and residues.


Washing your face with cold water has many benefits

Ice water is another very trendy option. Ice water, although it can seem harsh, can improve your skin’s appearance. You can do this by placing some ice cubes into a container filled with water. Once it has cooled, you can use it to cleanse your skin.

It is recommended to wash your face at least three times per day, starting when you wake up in the morning. Washing should be done for between 10 and 30 seconds.


One advantage to washing your face with cold water is that it can help to reduce puffiness around the eyes. This is often a sign of not getting enough sleep or having just gotten up from the pillows and gone to work.

It can also help reduce redness in the facial skin. If you wash your face before applying makeup, it will allow the redness to subdue and the tonalities to be evened out.

Ice water can also be used to minimize the appearance of pores that may close due to low temperatures. This will result in softer and smoother skin.

We must mention that ice water is a natural anti-aging treatment. It helps reduce wrinkles and expression lines. You will notice a difference in your skin’s appearance if you do this wash regularly.


Is it recommended to wash your face with hot water?

There are some things to consider when we think of using hot water to wash our faces.


Natural oils are nutrients and protectors for our skin. If we wash our skin with hot water, the natural oils in our skin will evaporate. This can lead to dry skin or worsening of acne, blackheads, or whiteheads if we have them.

It is best to avoid washing your face in the shower.

Warm water is a great alternative

If you don’t like the taste of cold or ice water on your face and take into consideration some of the less positive effects of using hot water to wash your face, lukewarm is a better alternative. It won’t have the same negative effects as hot water. Warm water allows the skin to retain its natural oils and helps to keep it hydrated.


Hot water is not good for your skin.

We have already talked about the many benefits of hot water, but we need to be cautious when the water temperature is extremely high. It’s very common for it to freeze.

Showering in winter is more enjoyable when you use hot water. Although there are many health benefits to showering it can also cause skin irritation and dehydration.

It is therefore most convenient to control the water temperature when taking a shower.

We can also find bath gels and soaps with natural ingredients that not only clean well but also protect the hydrolipidic layer.


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