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Benefits of Honey for Children

Many of us like to eat honey. It tastes very good and even children like to eat honey. Remember that children under one year of age should never be given honey. Because sometimes it produces harmful bacteria in their stomach which can be very dangerous for them. Honey is safe for them after twelve months.


There are more than 300 varieties of honey. Although it has more sweetness than sugar, it tastes much better than sugar. Modified honey is available in large quantities in the market nowadays, but the price of raw and genuine honey is higher than that of modified or filtered honey. Eating something raw is very beneficial and nutritious and should be eaten in raw or natural form for maximum benefit.

Benefits of honey for children 

Honey is very beneficial for children such as-

Cures cough – It is usually very difficult to give any medicine to children and it becomes very difficult to give medicine during their cold-cough. Sometimes colds and flu take the form of dangerous health factors like asthma, pneumonia etc. Honey keeps us warm and helps to cure cough and doctors also generally recommend its use. Children often cannot sleep at night due to coughing and honey makes their breathing easier and gives them relief. Children eat it easily because of its sweet taste.

Strengthens bones – Honey contains many bioactive ingredients like polyphenols which are very effective for our bone health. Its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties protect us from many other diseases.

Effective in injury- Honey is very good for any kind of wounds and bruises. Babies start crying after applying any kind of medicine on the wound, while some ointments also cause burns on their wound and children cannot tolerate it, so honey is a good remedy for their wounds. Many times children lick the wound ointment which is very harmful for them and in that case it is better to put honey on their wound.

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