Average Price of a Vacation to the Bahamas (2)

Average Price of a Vacation to the Bahamas

The Bahamas’ commonwealth offers an unmatched island holiday experience across one hundred thousand square miles of the world’s clearest islands and beaches. It has a population of 400,632 and takes up 97% of the land of the Lucayan Archipelago.

With more than 700 islands and cays and 2000 beaches spread over 13,939 square kilometers, the Bahamas offers an all-inclusive vacation for tourists across the globe. However, according to research, natives own only 30 islands out of the 700 islands.

The climate in the Bahamian is mild all through the year. This makes it one of the best tourist attractions of the commonwealth. The typical temperature in the Bahamas during the winters is 21 Degree Celsius (approximately 69.8 Fahrenheit). However, in the summers, the temperature goes up to 27 Degree Celsius (approximately 80.6 Fahrenheit).

However, during the peak winters, the temperature falls below 16 Degree Celsius (approximately 60.8 Fahrenheit). Moreover, during the peak summers, the temperature can rise above 32 Degree Celsius (approximately 89.6 Fahrenheit).

Furthermore, the commonwealth of the Bahamas is famous for crystal clear turquoise waters, making it the most popular vacation spot globally. However, the Bahamas are believed to be more than 200 million years old.

According to research, the Numbeo crowd-sourced global database states that the Bahamas is the third most expensive country in the world to live in. However, did you know that the visitors touring the Bahamas in 2020 spent approximately 474 USD on average?

Conversely, the average price for a Bahamas vacation is approximately 500 to 600 USD per day for a family of four people.

The costs include transportation around the Bahamas, hotel and resort expenses, meals (including breakfast, lunch, and dinner), water sports, and entertainment. Furthermore, this cost can increase or decrease depending on your travel season.

Flying Cost To The Bahamas

The Caribbean country Bahamas comprises 41 airports (21 Domestic Airports and 20 International Airports). The biggest airport in the Bahamas lies in the capital of the Bahamian capital Nassau, Lynden Pindling International Airport.

Furthermore, the estimated cost of flying would depend on the season you travel in, the airlines you choose, and the city you prefer to land in. However, if the flight fares are expensive, booking the flights at least 45 days before flying would be best. The estimated cost for the Bahamas flight is:

  • Miami International Airport (MIA) to Lynden Pindling International Airport Nassau (LPIA) – Non-Stop Flight (1 hour and 5 minutes) | 150 to 170 USD (Single Way) | 370 to 390 USD (Round Trip)
  • Chicago O’Hare International Airport (ORD) to Lynden Pindling International Airport Nassau (LPIA) – Non-Stop Flight (3 hours and 15 minutes) | 270 to 290 USD (Single Way) | 590 to 610 USD (Round Trip)
  • John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK), New York, to Lynden Pindling International Airport Nassau (LPIA) – Non-Stop Flight (3 hours and 5 minutes) | 240 to 260 USD (Single Way) | 520 to 540 USD (Round Trip)

Estimated Cost of Accommodation

Looking for a comfortable hotel or resort where you can unwind the weekend would be best. Moreover, you would want that the hotel and resort you choose isn’t far from the tourist attractions, restaurants, or nightclubs.

You would not want to spend half of your day traveling to the visiting spots, right? Thus, it would be best if you had a calculation of the expected expenses before you reach the Bahamas.

However, the estimated cost of a good hotel or resort in the commonwealth of the Bahamas is around 140 USD per night (approximately 980 USD per week). But if you decide to book a lavish hotel, the estimated cost can increase up to 420 USD per night (approximately 2940 USD per week). Some of the budget-friendly hotels in the Bahamas are:

  • Flamingo Bay Hotel & Marina – (Jolly Roger Drive, Freeport, Bahamas)
  • Jubilee Garden Apartments – (The Mall S, Freeport, Bahamas)
  • Royal Islander Hotel – (E Mall, Freeport, Bahamas)
  • Nassau Towne Hotel – (George Street, Nassau, Bahamas)
  • Dolphin Cove – (Swan Dr, Freeport, Bahama)

Estimated Cost of Meals

The next question you must be wondering is what is the estimated cost of meals in the Bahamas? Well, the cost of meals in the Bahamas is cheap. Moreover, if you are a seafood person, the Bahamas is the go-to place as it offers some of the best quality fresh and tasty seafood.

Furthermore, the estimated cost of lunch or dinner is around 18 USD (per person). Breakfast is relatively cheaper and can be done for around 10 USD. The meals would cost a total of 50 USD per day per person on average. However, if you wish to dine in a luxurious restaurant, the cost will increase to approximately 45 or 50 USD (per person).

The most inexpensive and famous restaurants in the Bahamas are:

  • The Bearded Clam Sports Bar & Restaurant – (Nassau, Bahamas)
  • Beach Club – (Treasure Cay Road, Treasure Cay, Bahamas)
  • Bamboo Shack – (Soldier Road, Nassau, Bahamas)
  • Cleveland’s Beach Club – (Spanish Main Dr, Freeport, Bahamas)
  • Gyro Grill Greek Street Food – (Marlborough St, Nassau, Bahamas)
  • Cafe Matisse – (Bank Lane, Nassau, Bahamas)
  • Robinson’s Seafood Delight – (Booth Freeport Harbour, Freeport Grand Bahama Island)

How Much Is A Trip To The Bahamas

When traveling to the Bahamas then you must know how much is a trip to the Bahamas, you must pay for certain things, including meals, hotels or resorts, tips, flight tickets, transportation, entrance tickets for activities, hiring a tour guide, etc. Let us look at the breakdown of an average trip to the Bahamas:

  • Food (Per Meal) – Approximately 13 USD (Per Person)
  • Meals In Restaurants – Approximately 29 USD (Per Person)
  • Bottled Water – Approximately 02.00 USD (Per Person)
  • Local Transportation (Buses) – Approximately 05.50 USD (Per Person)
  • Transportation (Taxi) – Approximately 40 USD (Per Person)
  • Entrance Tickets – Approximately 45 USD (Per Person)
  • Alcoholic Beverages – Approximately 7.20 USD (Per Person)


The Bahamas is considered the best place to spend time with the family. The World Report ranks the Bahamas as third in best family winter holidays destination. The Bahamas has tons of tourist spots and fun activities to do. However, the best thing about the Bahamas is that you do not need currency exchange if you travel from the United States.

Moreover, it would be best if you remembered that from Mid-November to Mid-April, the vacations in the Bahamas would cost more. So, if you plan to travel during the peak season, you may be required to pay more daily.

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