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Are You Too Old to Sing?

People think of singing as a “you either can or you can’t” thing. Although starting at an early age gives us enough time to develop our cords, it doesn’t mean we can’t learn to sing at a later age. Dedication and hard work are all it takes.

You’re never too old to learn to sing, and it’s never too late. People have to start somewhere, so what if you’re starting now? There are still so many possibilities waiting for you.

“Too Old to Sing” Is a Lie

Many people are passionate about music but they feel like they’re too old now to pursue this. The truth is, we’re the only ones stopping ourselves from trying. As we grow older, we tend to assume and think that we’re older than we are.

All it comes down to is the expectations we set for ourselves. It’s unlikely that your voice will sound like it did when you were 20, but just because you have an aging voice doesn’t mean you can’t practice.

If you can talk, you most likely can sing. Maybe you can’t hold a tune yet, but you can always learn. Soon, with practice, you’ll train your vocal cords and become better at it.

If you’re too shy or unsure about your abilities to sing, you can always take singing lessons.

a man singng and playing the guitar

What If I’m Too Old For Singing Lessons?

This is the next thing many older individuals think of.

Of course, this isn’t true. Look around you, you’ll see so many amazing older singers that should be a cause for inspiration for you. Bob Dylan, Paul McCartney, Diane warwick, Yoko Ono and so many more singers are over 60 and still singing.

Well, yes they’ve been singing for years, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start.

Let’s not forget that singing is actually very healthy for physical and psychological reasons. It helps improve circulation by working the aerobic and muscular systems in the body and also de-stresses you, releasing feel-good hormones in your body.

You don’t have to sing for a tour group, you’ve just got to sing for yourself.

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