why won't my air pods connect
why won't my air pods connect

AirPods Won’t Go Into Pairing Mode? Here’s the Fix?

Apple’s AirPods might be a hit with their users but the headphones aren’t free from technical glitches. Users on Apple Support Communities are reporting that why aren’t my AirPods connecting. This issue is also reported by some users on Apple’s official forum. Here’s the fix.

Steps to fix for airports won’t connect 

In some cases, the AirPods simply won’t appear in the Bluetooth settings list for some explanation. Regardless of whether you can’t interface with the earbuds from another gadget or you need to give your AirPods to another person and need to disengage it from your iCloud account, you will have to play out a production line reset. Fortunately, it is so easy to do. To processing plant reset your AirPods:

  • With the earbuds still for the situation flip open the cover.
  • Without eliminating the earbuds go into the Bluetooth settings on your iOS gadget.
  • Close to where it peruses, “AirPods” click the little “I” symbol.
  • Click on “Fail to remember This Device” and afterward click affirm when the notice springs up.
  • With your telephone detached and unaffiliated with the AirPods, open the AirPods case once more.
  • Hold down the arrangement button on the rear of the case for 15 seconds (or until you see the LED light glimmer golden).
  • The AirPods is currently reset, and you can fix new gadgets as though it was brand new and the issue is a fix of airport won’t connect.

How to solve the issue of air ports stopping working?

If your AirPods gives off an impression of being associated however you actually can’t receive sound to come in return, then, at that point, the issue may accompany your source gadget. No matter what the working framework, disengage your AirPods and afterward reconnect it. On the off chance that that doesn’t work, follow these means:

  • Put the earbuds for the situation for 15 seconds.
  • Place the earbuds for the situation.
  • Switch off Bluetooth from your source gadget.
  • Divert on Airplane mode from your source gadget.
  • If it isn’t working have a go at restarting your telephone (you wouldn’t believe how frequently issues can be addressed just by playing out a straightforward restart).

If no part of this works or have a question of why won’t air pods connect. It is feasible to drive sound to your AirPods assuming you’re on an iOS gadget by swiping down to get to the Control Center and tapping on the symbol of the upper right corner of the sound media box. From here, you ought to have the option to pick your AirPods as the ideal result for your sound.

If no part of this works, playing out an industrial facility reset on the AirPods is the most ideal way forward.

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