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Adobe Creative Cloud Express was introduced in all the capital’s schools

The Tokyo City Council of Education will introduce ITIL training a creative tool that facilitates the creation of visual content through intuitive processes, starting April 2022 for all metropolitan schools. As a result, about 160,000 children and nearly 20,000 faculty members will be able to use it from their school or their home devices.

Adobe Creative Cloud Express is a creative tool that makes creating engaging visual content easy and fun with intuitive processes. Provided free to elementary, middle, and high schools around the world, the GIGA School Device for Elementary and Middle Schools is started ITIL training by many students nationwide.

It has three functions, creating graphics with templates, creating web pages without coding. So creating videos with music and easy narration, and suitable for learning with outings for children and children. Students as an educational summary and presentation. There is. In addition, according to the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) in the United States, security is also taken. Because into account with the safe search function of images and videos.

City Council of Education decided to adopt Adobe

In elementary and middle schools, digital learning is enhance by the GIGA school concept. Because there is an urgent need to consider an appropriate digital environment for learning. And preparation of secondary school students. Therefore, the Tokyo City Council of Education decide to adopt Adobe Creative Cloud Express. As one of the measures to improve the learning environment. Because gain the ability to communicate through digital use. From April 2022, it will be offere in all metropolitan schools (high school, middle school. And supplementary elementary school, attached middle school, specialty school).

In addition, all ITIL foundation schools offered Microsoft 365 for education, and the ability to seamlessly use Adobe Creative Cloud products with single sign-on was evaluating.

“We are excite to introduce Adobe Creative Cloud Express to all schools. So that in Tokyo,” said Haruko Koike, General Manager of Adobe Marketing. “In recent years, the world has become digitally connecte, and in this real world. Communicating your ideas in an easy-to-understand way using digital tools is a must. For students in major schools, please use Adobe Creative Cloud Express in various subjects. And extracurricular activities to show your creativity. I hope you will”.

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