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A Quick Look at Why Working from Home Is So Appealing

Although most of us remember Covid-19 as being the catalyst for a work-from-home environment, it began long before that. What the global pandemic did was increase an awakening as to the benefits of employing a home-based workforce. There are benefits for the worker as well as for the employer, and in most cases, it’s a win-win situation. At this point, you may be wondering just why working from home is so appealing now that the fear of a rapid spread of the coronavirus is in the past. It’s really quite interesting to note just why working from home is so appealing.

It’s Cost Effective

Not only can an employer realize a reduction in overhead, but employees can net sizeable savings as well. Employers will pay much less for electricity and other utilities and may even be able to downsize to smaller premises. On the part of employees, they no longer need to pay travel expenses to and from work. Meals can be eaten at home instead of in cafés or restaurants and they no longer need a business professional wardrobe. When you are sitting behind a computer, who cares what you are wearing unless you are in a video conference?

Home Is Where the Heart Is

Thankfully, working from home doesn’t always mean that you will be located within the walls of your domicile. Many of the tasks you do could be conducted from literally anywhere. You could be sitting in a McDonald’s enjoying free internet and a cup of McCafé or you could be sitting in a Starbucks for that matter. Unless the information you are working on is extremely sensitive or you need access to other tools and equipment, you can work from home no matter where you find yourself at any given moment. All you need is a high-performance laptop like these models on and you can do everything from sending emails to calculating clients’ accounts in arrears. So, home is where the heart is and if you love coffee, you could always say that’s home!

Job Availability to a Greater Number of Workers

One of the biggest hindrances for families with little children is the exorbitant cost of childcare. The going hourly rate for babysitters is the exact amount most workers get paid an hour and sometimes professional sitters charge even more than the state’s minimum wage. At times like that, a worker would be literally paying to go to work, and that is not acceptable. The whole reason for working in the first place is to pay bills but if just one payment is more than you are making, it is actually cheaper to stay at home.

While it is true that Covid-19 forced the hand of many employers, the benefits of a home-based workforce began to emerge. There are so many advantages of bringing the job to you rather than going to the job that most analysts feel that this is the direction of a major portion of the workforce going forward.