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A Guide to Lighting and its Impact on Flooring

Each home has its own charm, but did you know? The orientation of your home can affect the lighting effects of your choices. consult a professional flooring consultant. Home buyers often seek homes with east-facing bedrooms to take advantage of morning sunlight. In snowy climates, they may seek homes with driveways that receive the most sunshine and heat, melting ice and snow.

If Lighting in your home affects the overall mood, feeling, and feel of the room. Improper lighting can cause glare, eye strain, or migraines. It is extremely important to make sure. You get the right lighting to create the right atmosphere in your home.

Lighting and flooring are typically overlooked when renovating a home or building a new one. but if your space lacks a good foundation (i.e. the floor and lighting), it will not look its best. In order to make sure your selections are appropriate for the space’s function and activities, consult a professional flooring consultant.


There are a few things you should know about artificial lighting and flooring.

The Kelvin scale is used to measure the color temperature of artificial LED lighting. In general, the higher the Kelvin number, the cooler the light is. For example, 5000K is significantly cooler than 2700K. As a result, while all light bulb brands are based on the same Kelvin scale, the results vary from brand to brand. When it comes to creating the atmosphere you envision for your home, you should coordinate lighting and flooring at the same time, with your design professional.

Flooring and lighting in the home

Light in our homes comes in many forms — both natural light from windows and artificial light from lamps, ceiling lights, and other fixtures. The light changes constantly throughout the day in our homes. Natural light flows into different areas of a home as the sun rises in the east and sets in the west. You might even choose a home that has rooms facing a specific direction to maximize natural light.

The selection of interior lighting will also affect the appearance of all your interior items during the day. Your home’s interior can be transformed by the types and locations of lighting fixtures, as well as by the type and location of lightbulbs you use. Your floors’ appearance can be influenced by all of these light sources throughout the day, and every home has a unique mix of natural and artificial light. Depending on the lighting type and placement, the same flooring may look different in two different homes.

Natural lighting and flooring

With the sun rising in the east, all windows on that side of the house let powerful, warm sunlight in. The morning sun is exceptionally bright and generally a warmer tone, giving any rooms with eastern exposure a yellow or orange cast. As a result, objects in these rooms may appear to glow warmer in the morning.

Sun rises in the sky outside, the light indoors evens out a bit. The sunlight’s tone turns toward a cooler, softer blue light. When the light is more even and cooler at midday, the color of the flooring and other elements in your home will appear its truest. As the sun moves closer to the horizon at night, it produces more intense, warming natural light in western-facing rooms. Your flooring and décor may take on a reddish glow.

Designing your home with wood flooring and lighting

The orientation and lighting of a home should also be considered by customers who are considering glass tiling, reclaimed wood, and other modern options. It can add a touch of rustic elegance to a room or a sense of coziness to a family gathering. Natural light brings out the best in reclaimed wood, especially darker shades that can dominate a room.

The wood floor to stand out in the light, choose accent colors that complement the floor rather than compete with it. During a rainy night, don’t be afraid to experiment with lights at varying heights in darker corners. Which can enhance the beauty of the wood flooring while accommodating a desire for a more muted, cozy setting. In the United States, one can easily hire someone, such as people from Chicagoland who may search for an expert flooring contractor Chicago.


If the flooring has already been installed, you can experiment with different light bulbs to find a color temperature that flatters you. Although the Kelvin scale provides categories of color temperatures.  There is a standard deviation range, so the color temperatures of one light bulb brand may be different from another. The color 3000k of one brand may differ from the color 3000k of another. In general, you can follow these guidelines:

  • In order to keep the overall room from feeling dark and unwelcoming, dark flooring needs to be properly illuminated using a warmer color temperature.
  • A cooler color temperature is best for floors with light tones
  • To determine which bulb brand and color temperature suits the room’s colors, you may need to test a variety of bulb brands and temperatures