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A Fantastic Student Accommodation Loughborough with Studio Rooms

Demand for overseas education is directly translated to the demand for student accommodation. So, if you have taken admission in Loughborough, UK, then the next step will be finding an appropriate student accommodation Loughborough.

Several factors work while choosing a student accommodation in some other country. The distance from the university in which you are studying, type of accommodation, amenities available, etc. are some of these factors.

In Loughborough also, there are a wide range of student accommodations available among which you can choose on the basis of the above-mentioned factors or any other factor according to your choice. Optima is one such student accommodation Loughborough, which fulfills the requirements of several international students.

As already stated, there are several factors, which are considered while choosing a place of accommodation. Below, some of the features of Optima will be discussed, among which you can choose the right one according to your requirements and priorities.

Distance from Loughborough University

A large number of students from different parts of the world visit Loughborough to study at Loughborough University. So, the small distance from the university increases the significance of the accommodation.

The Loughborough University is just a 20-minutes’ walk away from Optima. You can reach there in less time if you travel by road route. On the other hand, Brockington extension of the university is just a 12-minutes’ walk away.

Studio Accommodations inside Optima

Optima has studio accommodation only but studios available here comprise six types. These six types include:

  1. Bronze Studio
  2. Bronze Plus Studio
  3. Silver Studio
  4. Gold Studio
  5. Mezzanine Studio
  6. Premium Mezzanine Studio

All these studios have luxury beds, bathroom, shower, study table, study chair, wardrobe, microwave, fridge, cooking hob, etc.

Amenities in Optima

Some of the amenities available in Optima have already mentioned in the previous section. In addition to them, there are several other amenities available, which can make your stay more comfortable in Optima.

Some of the significant amenities that you can find in optima can be read as under.

  1. In Optima, you find a laundry room, so you can find your clothes washed and up-to-date for going to university or a place for an outing.
  2. The onsite maintenance facility is also available here, so you have no need to worry about maintaining your rooms.
  3. TV is also available, so you can also enjoy your favorite shows.
  4. There are times, when you may need the company of others. To accomplish this purpose, a common room has been provided to the students in Optima.
  5. You can keep your bicycle also without any worries as there is the availability of bicycle storage space.
  6. You also get Wi-Fi here, so you can connect internet on your laptops and smartphones. Therefore, you can be in touch with your loved ones through the internet and can complete your university projects and assignments easily.

Security for the Students

Security is the utmost thing to check when you go for staying in accommodation. Optima has a good arrangement of security for the students.

Here, you find a secure door entry to keep your belongings safe. Besides, CCTV cameras also installed at the property, so all the activities is monitored and suspicious activities and persons can  detected easily.

Contents insurance service is also available, so you can get a cover if you, unfortunately, face any type of loss.

Destinations and Festivals to Enjoy while Staying in Optima

There are several places that you can enjoy during your stay in Optima in your years of study. Queen’s Park, Charnwood Museum, Loughborough Carillon, John Taylor & Co Bell Foundry Museum, and there are many other places that you can enjoy while staying in student accommodation in this wonderful city.

Here, you can enjoy the places in the lap of nature, cultural destinations, places of historical interest, museums, libraries, clubs, nightlife hubs, and a lot more.

In addition to the tourist destinations, you can also enjoy various festivals from time to time while staying in this city. Some best examples include Easter Vintage Festival, Leicester Vegan Festival 2022, Download Festival 2022, and more.

How to Book an Accommodation in Optima

There are different methods which accommodation can booked in Optima. But, the easiest method is through the websites of the student accommodation service providers. On these sites, you can search Loughborough city and on the webpage of the city, you can easily find Optima.

On the webpage of Optima, you find all the details as well as the complete procedure of booking student accommodation. These websites also offer the comparison feature through which you can easily compare different accommodations.


Optima is the right accommodation for the students to stay in. Here, they find high-class studios, excellent amenities, and trustworthy security features. This property is at an easy distance from Loughborough University, and the students can also enjoy visiting different places of sightseeing.

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