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A Complete Guide on Your Home Water Treatment Systems

If your home has a public drinking water supply connection, then you don’t have to worry about your water supply and sanitation requirements, as it generally meets the required national safety standards. But if you are using a private water supply, then it is advisable to monitor the water quality to keep yourself and your family safe from different issues. There are many water treatment systems that can effectively improve water quality by lowering various health hazards, such as chemical pollutants, bacteria, and other substances.

Which Type of filtration System Should You Buy?

You will find different types of resources that can help you in making an informed buying decision. You should know the types of water treatment systems available in the market. But it is advisable not to buy a product that is sold through alarm tactics. Check with different sources before you make your buying decision.

Besides, you should consider getting your home water tested to understand what contaminants are in the water. If you have a water connection from a municipal supplier, then you can find out more about your water quality by going through the CCR- Consumer Confidence Report. But if you are using a private well, you can take the help of a certified laboratory. Now, let’s know about the different types of water treatment systems that you can opt for.

Reverse Osmosis System

Speaking about reverse osmosis filtration, this is a process where water is moved through a semi-permeable membrane. When it happens, the dissolved harmful materials are repelled. On the other hand, the water molecule will be diffused through the membrane molecule. This method is quite effective in reducing contaminants levels in the water. It can remove contaminants like fluoride, arsenic, cyanide, sodium, lead, chlorine, barium, and more.

Ultraviolet Water Filtration and Sterilization

Different studies have proved that ultraviolet can effectively kill microorganisms. The sun rays have the UV spectrum, and this is the primary element of an Ultraviolet water treatment machine. But the intensities are low. It is also called the Germicidal Frequency or Spectrum. In general, the frequency level of 25 nm is enough to kill microorganisms.

The powerful UV lights used in this process are professionally designed to produce the maximum amount of UV rays at this particular frequency. It can remove giardia, salmonella, virus, coliform bacteria, and more. You should keep in mind that the efficiency of UV lamps will decrease with time, and you should replace them every year. Various organic impurities, colour, and turbidity present in the water can affect it. So, you should carry out regular maintenance to keep it working properly.

Mechanical Filtration Systems

When searching for types of water treatment systems for your home, you should not forget a mechanical filtration system. These systems are much cheaper than other filtration systems. Talking about the mechanical filters, they can easily remove different suspended materials from your water, like clay, organic matter, sand, and silt.

Well, these systems are not effective in removing very fine and dissolved particles. For better results, you may need to use it with other water treatment tools. Filters are generally made of fibre, fabric, ceramic, or other materials. These can be a cartridge unit and can be mounted on a tap or in a waterline. To keep them working efficiently, they should be serviced once in four months.

Activated Carbon Water Filters

When it comes to achieving the desired water supply and sanitation results under your budget, you can use an activated carbon water filtration system. These filters are designed to effectively absorb different impurities when the water moves through a well-designed carbon cartridge.

These are quite effective in eliminating tastes and odours, residual chlorine, and different organic compounds. You may not find it effective to remove metals, nitrates, microorganisms, and chemicals. But they can remove radon gas and dissolved trihalomethanes and organic chemicals.

Water treatment systems have become a major part of water supply and sanitation. When it comes to ensuring a healthy body, you should not forget to invest in a good water treatment system to get pure and safe drinking water. Well, if you have any confusion, then don’t hesitate to take the help of a professional.

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