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9 Things to Do During Your Time in Fort Myers, Florida

Fort Myers, Florida is well-known for its beautiful beaches and natural sanctuaries, making it a great destination for group excursions, such as family getaways. It’s worth being stated the fact that Fort Myers Beach is always considered to be a distinct municipality. However, when we combine them with Fort Myers Beach, we have a beautiful atmosphere and a unique beach culture that isn’t found elsewhere.

Furthermore, only here can you observe the most significant amount of burrowing Owls and abundant marine life. This article can help you plan your excursion and ensure it is an unforgettable experience. For Traveling around Fort Myers, you can book a Fort Myers car service for luxurious travel.

How should I prepare before embarking on my journey?

Perhaps, the most frequent issue is related to transportation. Do I need a vehicle to travel to Fort Myers? If I want to travel, yes. First of all, there are many picturesque spots nearby to take a trip to on a day trip. Second, it’s dependent on the accommodation you choose. Downtown is accessible, but margins aren’t.

Then, you’ll require taxis or public transportation to go to the local tourist attractions. Car rentals are a necessity in Fort Myers and are quite common for visitors due to their efficiency and flexibility, and it is.

How can I rent a bargain vehicle in Fort Myers?

Car rentals remain the best option as they are safe and comfortable with no time limits. Alamo RSW offers a reasonable price and no-cost cancellation for an array of vehicles. The policy conditions allow us to negotiate discounts and deals on budgets. You can rent an Alamo car and forget the cash flow!

9 Must-See Attractions to See in Fort Myers

There’s a listing of attractions and locations that all ages will love. Fort Myers is a thriving array of activities. While the city isn’t huge it isn’t going to be boring.

Fort Myers River District

Get your morning started with these delicious treats and get them ready for breakfast. Fragrant coffee at Green Cup Cafe and local favorite hand-cut-from-scratch doughnut are the royal combination for the beginning of the day.

Shop in more than 55 shops, discover the latest trends and search for unique items or gifts. If you’re not one for that it is best to explore the downtown area and look at the architecture and museums.

Edison & Ford Winter Estates

Two of their friends were inventors and were the owners of Estates. Edison constructed these two houses and Ford purchased the estates. They left a wonderful scientific heritage that we visit today in their homes and laboratories, museums, and even in their gardens. The gallery is home to exhibits and specific information on their most well-known projects, their lives, and the famous invention – the Ford Company. Admission is $20, plus $10 for a tour with a historian and $5 per auditor.

Manatee Park

Being able to observe wildlife in nature differs from what you see at the Zoo. The difference is apparent when you can interact with manatees and swim in a group. Yes, it is allowed in the park to delight visitors in this manner and will enable guests to rent a canoe or boat to observe the creatures at the surface with a close-up. To get a better view you can get polarized glasses at the rental store in the vicinity.

Fort Myers Beach

This is a fun activity that is free for relaxing on the beach. Fort Myer Beach is beloved by locals and travelers alike. White sand and warm, gurgling waters, delicious restaurants, and gorgeous homes along the line create an atmosphere that is unforgettable and draws visitors. The beach has been developed into an option for renting, where you can hire sports equipment chairs, tables, and other equipment instead of tracing your own long at the hotel.

Lakes Regional Park

Are you looking for a place where you can relax and relax for no cost? Lakes Regional Park is an ideal choice. There is a fishing lake, camping with a little water pa, bike rentals, and 2 miles of walking trails located 10 miles from downtown. Your children can go to an event at the Railroad Museum of Southwest Florida and let them take miniature rides on the locomotive.

Times Square

The location isn’t identical to New York. It’s located situated in the middle of Estero Island’s downtown. You can visit after a full day at the beach to relax and relax. The Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights are devoted to Sunset Celebrations – streets are filled with street food vendors, food trucks offering interesting items, and live music is playing. You can also enjoy a nice meal at Pierside Grill and get a fantastic weekend.

Mangroves forests

Enjoy a walk on the water in a kayak through an amazing natural habitat. Take a guided tour and venture deep into the mangrove forest with an experienced guide. get a chance to view sea turtles and dolphins. You can also take your boat out and explore on your own. The most frequent place to go on an excursion is Lovers Key State Park, and, by the way, you can use paddleboards as transportation.

Florida Native Butterfly Society

The observatory opened in 2009 to breed as well as to protect the native Floridian butterflies. The butterfly house is available to visitors on weekdays, except on Mondays. It also has educational tools to connect with nature and welcome them into your backyard. After your visit, you can buy a gardening kit to aid you in keeping butterflies in the garden. Admission discounts are intended to be offered to seniors, students, and residents.

Six Mile Cypress Slough Preserve

If you’re looking for exotic wildlife such as alligators, turtles, and otters then visit the preserve. It is among the best birding areas which means you’ll encounter herons, ibis, and roseate spoonbills on a good day. There are flora and fauna treasures as well as interactive kiosks along the boardwalk. The entry fee is not charged however, you must pay a parking fee in cash.


As you can see, Fort Myers has something special for everyone to appreciate. Happy trips and memorable memories are sure. Wish you a safe road!


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