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9 Facts You May Not Know About Fut Hair Transplant

Are you suffering from a rigid hair loss problem and have lost hope to get your hair back? Though it is the scenario with many individuals who are facing hair loss problems. But the modern science of cosmetics is denying the fact that one cannot treat alopecia. In this modern era, the easy accessibility to surgical procedures like FUT hair transplant can work effectively. It is a popular hair restoration technique that works by implanting new strands into bald heads. Getting this procedure done accurately can provide a permanent solution to hair loss. But it is crucial that you know everything about this treatment prior to getting it done. So, this post is featuring nine facts that you might not know about FUT.

FUT is best for male pattern baldness

Male pattern baldness often causes receding hairline and affects people with M-shaped hair patterns. This method can restore the hair to provide you with a natural hairline back. In this procedure, the surgeon would cut a strip of hair grafts from the back of your head. The hairs will then be extracted individually to be implanted at bald sites. So, with this method, you can get notable results from hair transplants.

FUT aptness

It is a great fact that males and females can both undergo FUT hair restoration Palm Desert. This procedure is highly suitable for those who need more hairs to be implanted. With this treatment, you can achieve high hair follicle density. Moreover, if the skin of your head matches to the color of your hair, the transplanted results will be less noticeable.

Less costly

Many people do not really know that FUT is an affordable option than other surgeries like FUE and DHT. The reason is that it requires fewer hours to be completed. A hair surgeon can implant hairs faster on a bald head by extracting donor hairs in groups. Thus, you can get quick restoration of hairs with this surgical treatment. Hence, a swift treatment would require less time and effort, so it is less expensive.

FUT scar

Many people believe that the FUT procedure can leave a scar behind the head. Yes, it’s true, but a scar usually fades over time and does not pose a risk of infection. One thing that is crucial to know is that FUT hair transplant scar can hide under long hairs. Though FUT is the best surgery for those, who want to keep long hair. So, scars can become invisible under natural hairs.

FUT is permanent

Unlike OTC medications, a surgical hair restoration technique of FUT will produce permanent results. The hair grafts will be fetched from the original follicles of your hairs. They will be implanted in the bald sites. Thus, the implanted hairs will grow back and never thin and fall again.

FUT is a painless procedure

It is undoubtedly true that FUT is an invasive hair restoration treatment. But it does not mean that you have to undergo rigid, painful experiences. This hair transplant will be performed after giving you local anesthesia. It will numb your head so that you will feel no pain during the procedure. Moreover, the process is safe as it only comes with mild and temporary side effects.

High success rate

With FUT hair restoration Palm Desert, you can achieve a high success rate for hair implants. FUT procedure is able to implant 4000 grafts in a single session. Thus, you can get fuller head coverage with this treatment. Moreover, you do not need another session of hair transplantation once you get it done. A surgeon can implant multiple hair grafts with FUT in one go.

Natural final results

This treatment would provide you with natural hair restoration results. During the initial days after transplantation, you can experience hair shedding. But in 2-3 months, implanted follicles will start growing. In 10-12 months, you can visibly notice fuller growth of implanted hairs naturally. This would certainly provide you with lustrous hairs on the head with proper length and density.

Symmetrical hair restoration

FUT is the best treatment to balance the unnatural results of traditional hair plugs. It works to cover the bald head with precise implantation of hair follicles. It can cover the front hairline, crown, and top of the head. The treatment can reach an extreme level of perfection to give you a bolder and smarter look.

To sum up

With FUT hair transplant, one can achieve high-end hair restoration results. It is a popular technique to implant new hairs on a bald head. Being a sufferer of hair loss problems, you can consider this treatment to attain natural hair back. However, it is a surgical procedure, so you must get it from a professional hair surgeon. It will derive quality results from your efforts, and you can get an evaluation of your hair before getting the treatment done.

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