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8 Esssential Items You’ll Need on Moving Day

It is always advantageous to organize your departure well in moving to another home or apartment. A transport vehicle will indeed be more than essential, but you must at the same time think about structuring the loan of the business and the equipment you need the most.

To arrange all these elements, each individual, therefore, must use fundamental tools for an impeccable move.

The 8 inseparable accessories for moving

Perhaps there are still other essential tools for the move to be successful, but you must know and have at least the 8 tools below.

Moving box

The instrument most used by movers, cardboard boxes, has the particularity of satisfying many people to protect their different types of products properly. Of course, there are many of them, but the Redoute crate or VAD cardboard crate is commonly used, which has the specificity of being rigid and easy to transport.

In addition, it is equipped with a system that facilitates the boxing of each of the tools. You can also use single corrugated cardboard, which favors the delivery and storage of heavy and bulky items. As a result, all your equipment will not be bulky, but at the same time, it will be easy to transfer.

Bubble wrap

Bubble wrap is also essential for moving. They allow you to secure especially your important documents such as files. You can opt for rolls or better for bubble wrap dispenser boxes. In any case, they will play a sealing and shockproof role for your belongings thanks to the special films and bags that make them up.


To ensure an excellent airtight effect of your boxes, it is also advisable to use Polypropylene adhesive tape or PVC adhesive tape. They have the same objectives, but those made of Polypropylene are sometimes more resistant, especially to different temperature variations. They are all the more biodegradable and they can support much more weight.

PVC tapes are not suitable for climate change, but they endow with incredible resistance and impermeability.

Adhesive dispenser

It is an ideal and effective tool for closing cartons. They bond easily to your adhesive tapes. In addition, it is accompanied by a user manual that simplifies its use. Time-saving is guaranteed with this type of tool. You can pack several boxes in less than an hour.

A marker

When you move, we have heaps of boxes, and as a reminder, it is recommended to write down titles on your boxes that will serve as labels at the latest. Thus, it is preferable to choose your markers well to remember the contents of each box. So use a permanent professional marker to avoid all kinds of complications.

Safety cutter

Not only should boarding be reassured, but it is also suggested to warn the destination. When you arrive, you unpack your belongings, so you need this material to unpack everything with care. With its 2 sharp blades and rubber handle, the safety cutter is easy to use and simple to handle.


This tool is not really undeniable, but it can easily identify all your belongings. You can still personalize them with removable adhesive labels to ensure an excellent overview of your cardboard boxes. You can also use them even if you don’t plan to move.

Protective covering

We all know that moving creates dust, dirties the ground and items, and can harm equipment. However, these inconveniences can be reduced or even eliminated by following precise techniques. Purchase protective packaging like sofa bags for moving, mattress moving covers, rug storage bag, etc. So, you can safeguard your belongings.

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