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7 Best Immigration Agencies in Australia

Moving to a new country can sound very exciting and it probably is, but the logistics of it and the whole immigration process can be very complicated and tiring. Attention to detail is very important during this process as not following the procedures down to a T and not having the right paperwork could result In issues such as getting denied entry to Australia or even getting deported. If you are having difficulties navigating through the immigration process or just simply prefer a professional to handle your case then continue reading. Here are some of the best immigration agencies in Australia that can help achieve your dream of moving to Australia.


Affinity Migration

Migrants started this agency to help other migrants. This agency prides itself on its unique backstory as they were once migrants themselves. This makes them understand their clients’ struggles better and helps them navigate through the migration process. You can count on Affinity Migration to provide you with honest and unbiased advice and help you successfully move to Australia. They have one office in Sydney and one in Hong Kong so if you live in either of these places you can pay them a visit.


Migration Door

Migration Door is an Australian immigration agency located in Brisbane and they provide immigration solutions to individuals and corporations. They offer free migration consultation and are very cost-effective and will represent you in all stages of immigration and be there every step of the way. They have senior migration agents on their team who are all MARA(Migration Agents Registration Authority) agents. Migration Door will ensure you an easy and comfortable immigration journey.



VisaConnect was established in 2004 and they have a number of experienced immigration lawyers and agents who can help people interested in migrating to Australia. This agency can also assist people who are interested in moving to USA, the UK and Europe. They have offices in Brisbane, Melbourne, Singapore, Hong Kong, London, Lisbon and Los Angeles and they register with MARA as well so you know that you are in good hands. They’re very professional and can help you with all types of applications, plus they offer free visa eligibility assessment.


ANZ Migrate

This agency has been active since 2003 and has been helping people achieve their dream of living in Australia and New Zealand. They can help you with all types of visas. Do you need help with Australian visas related to study, family, business or more? ANZ Migrate is there to assist you. ANZ Migrate offers free consultation so you can reach out to their team of licensed and skilled agents and get professional advice. What’s interesting about this agency is that they have had periods of time with a 100% success rate.


Migration Expert Australia

This agency has helped over 430000 people move to Australia since 2002. Migration Expert Australia provides help in the Australian migration process and has had a very high success rate. They have some of the best migration agents on their team so you can expect very good outcomes from working with them. They will guide you through the entire process and this goes from advising you on the best type of visa for your situation, getting your paperwork and necessary documents and submitting your application. Their office is in Melbourne so if you live in the area you can visit them in person.



Similar to other migration agencies, VisaEnvoy provides help with immigration needs which include offering professional advice for different visas such as family and partner, business, and student visas. What makes this agency different from the rest is that they offer multiple tools that help you learn more about the Australian immigration process. For example, they have the PR Points Calculator, where you can assess your eligibility for Australian permanent residency, and a table for visa processing times, where you can get an estimated time for your application’s processing time.


Aussizz Group

Other than offering immigration services Aussizz Group offers education services for those who want to study, work or live in Australia. They offer online coaching for PTE as well as online IELTS test preparation, Aussizz’s team of education and migration consultants will make sure that you are fully ready for the immigration process no matter what your goal is for moving to Australia.

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