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6 Tips for Your Restaurant to increase Online Bookings:

The importance of online bookings in today’s food industries:

The 21st century is facing scarcity in one thing: Time. They have learned to value time this way as are always searching for methods to do more in less time. Going to a hotel or a restaurant and ordering food is a history for us. Do you remember the last time you went to a restaurant and made bookings? The benefits of ordering and booking online are becoming crystal clear day by day. Millennials are very tech-savvy, they take the help of technology in almost everything. Online shopping, online food orders, and now, online restaurant bookings have been added to the list. They know ways of saving money and online sites provide large discounts, so why not? 

Convenience is king in our so busy world. Diners love to book whenever they feel like and show up at the stipulated time. So we can summarize that they would choose restaurants that offer this service. Online ordering and booking services also help the manager of the concerned restaurant to boost sales, as they need not pay attention to who is coming and leaving. People prefer simple search engines at their doorsteps to leave their doors and step outside. 

Automation is the biggest asset. If bookings are done online, the staff can spend more time with the customers as they don’t have to take calls. This increases your customer service quality. 

The demand for online booking has largely increased competition and there are numerous sites all over the internet to assist one in that. The sites that lag to meet the requirements of the users are kicked out. To avoid that, one must know how to create a perfect site to keep the users satisfied. Here goes a few tips that will help you boost your market.

  1. Build a web presence: If your site has a strong line presence, you have won half of the battle. People get attracted more to the exterior so build a good site. Your business should be accessible to one and all. Many people don’t know how to use the tech properly and if they can’t do online reservations there would be discrimination. To avoid this, simply build the site. Also, work more on the display quality. Generate daily blogs and create humorous posts to attract people to your websites. People love to have fun in any niche, so work on customer entertainment. 
  2. Leverage pay per click: Most of the customers use Google to search for the best online restaurant booking sites. Use Adwords to show them Ads about your website so that they can get directed to your site per click. This way, your site will be more popular not only to the customer but also to their friends and family. Not only on google but you can also leverage ads on Facebook and Instagram. Don’t frown upon pay-per-click ads. Create good customer service and listen to customer needs and problems, try to stay available 24/7. Customers would love it if they get a separate period for themselves.

Make the mobile experience better people still use mobile phones more to do any task, online booking being a part of that. So make sure you make their mobile experience better. Test your system out if they have a good mobile service, if not work on that. No customer will wish to see a blank page on opening a site and you cannot expect everyone to have a laptop or a desktop. There are many sites that don’t have a good rating on their mobile services so try to avoid that  

  1. Give discounts: Let’s be honest, everyone wants to save money. Once people understand that the prices online are more pocket friendly as compared to offline and also to other sites, people will use your site more. Be competitive. If your service is better, only then people will choose you, otherwise, there are various sites to take the people away. Good discount rates popularize your services, be it any. 
  2. Push notifications: The power of notifications is ultimate. Send daily notifications as a reminder of your deals. Remind customers in advance of their bookings. Older people using your sites shouldn’t take extra stress on ‘remembering’, take the responsibility on your shoulder. Customize your site to send automated notifications daily, so you don’t have to take extra pressure either. They tend to use your site again if the establishment meets their needs. 
  3. Make your site faster: Don’t lag. Make your tools fast so that the one-click doesn’t take minutes to proceed further. Many sites don’t function properly and customers get disappointed while clicking multiple numbers of times still not getting the desired results. Increase the loading speed as compared to other sites. Choose performance-optimized solutions. A survey said 70% of customers didn’t return to a site because the loading took longer than expected. Visitors will come again if a site adds value to their time and energy.

Conclusion : 

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