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6 Reasons Why Steam Boiler Maintenance Is Essential

Steam boilers are one of the essential assets in every industry. We might not notice or see them, but they do important work behind the scenes. A lot of industries and businesses indeed rely on boilers. Without them, work operations and production would be affected. 

Not a lot of people are aware of how essential steam boilers are. From hotels to breweries, boilers are present. Even though professionals say that boilers require low maintenance, it is still necessary and better to have them regularly checked. 

The thing is, it can be a big problem if your steam boiler suddenly stops working. That’s why it’s necessary to have your boiler monitored regularly. Even though steam boilers are easy to maintain, it’s better to have them inspected to ensure quality performance. 

In this article, let’s discuss six reasons why steam boiler maintenance is essential. 


1. To prevent any work interruptions.

The purpose of maintenance checkups is to prevent a piece of equipment from accumulating any issues. The same goes as to why steam boilers need regular maintenance. By now, you have an idea of how essential boilers are. Can you imagine how a business would operate if its steam boilers suddenly stopped working?

I can – and it’s probably a scenario any business wouldn’t wish to happen. If a business’ steam boiler suddenly stops working – work production is affected. It can cause delays, work overtime, and even loss of sales. Not only will it affect the business, but also their partners. 

That’s why having regular maintenance check-ups is a must. Likely, your business relies on steam boilers to do work that your workforce couldn’t. It will be a big challenge if you have to spend a day or two without their help. 


2. If it affects your work production, it could cause sales losses, too.

The factor that keeps your business going is sales. If your products and services require a steam boiler, how could your business operate if it’s not working? This second reason is more critical than you can imagine.

Most businesses have deadlines to meet. Aside from those, they have quotas, too. Here’s an example. A distillery business is required to produce 10,000 bottles of beer per day. Unfortunately, their steam boiler suddenly won’t operate. Their steam boiler’s purpose is to sterilise and sanitise their ingredients. 

Now, do you think the business would be able to meet its quota? Can they deliver the 10,000 bottles of beer that their management is expecting? The answer is: no. From time to time, boiler issues happen. One thing you can do is to have them regularly checked to avoid any problems. 


3. To maintain steam quality production. 

Steam boilers produce steam. Two of its common types are fire tubes and water tube boilers. Different industries utilise either of the two types depending on their needs. Usually, chemical production businesses use water tube boilers. Water tubes can produce higher temperatures and pressures compared to fire tube boilers.

Steam boilers use water to produce steam. Without water and gas, it couldn’t do its work. Now, what do you think happens if water and metal are together? Usually, it could trigger mould and soot production. Over time, the metal could also start to rust due to water contact.

Of course, those are normal. But the thing is, if a boiler’s tubes are rusting, the water could be contaminated, too. That means the steam produced by the boiler would be of poor quality. If a hotel uses a steam boiler for heat production, it wouldn’t be nice if their steam quality is contaminated. With that, boiler maintenance is a must. 


4. To increase and maintain boiler efficiency. 

If your steam boiler regularly shuts down, it can decrease its efficiency. Not only will your work production be affected, but your boiler’s condition, too. Sometimes, minor issues can lead to bigger ones. If your boiler is regularly contaminated or not used accordingly, it can decrease efficiency.

Steam boilers are very powerful. They’re considered a business investment for a reason. If you neglect its issues, it will definitely affect their performance. If you expect your boiler to perform at its best, you should follow its maintenance procedures. 

You can’t expect your boiler to be as efficient as when you first bought it if you don’t take care of it. 


5. To prevent any replacement costs and needs.

A steam boiler that is not well taken care of surely wouldn’t last. Boiler manufacturers say that a boiler can last a maximum of 30 years. But, that is if you use it accordingly. Steam boilers are expensive. It is not a walk in a park to purchase one right away. It can be heavy on a business to spend that cost all at once. 

There’s a saying that prevention is better than medication. I believe this saying applies to steam boilers, too. It can be costly if your boiler needs a part replacement. Aside from that, it would be such a waste to replace a newly purchased boiler. 

As a business owner, you need to calculate and analyse the cost of your boiler. It would be better if you get to maximise its purpose to justify its cost. Also, remember that repairs and replacements are expensive. Usually, businesses sell boiler parts replacement at a higher price. 

Have your boiler regularly checked. With that, you get to maximise its uses and your investment. Also, you prevent your business from spending unnecessary costs.


6. To promote workplace safety and boiler reliability.

Last but not least is to promote workplace safety and boiler reliability. Aside from boilers, your business relies on your people. You need your people to deliver quality work. Without them, that would be impossible.

The worst-case scenario that could happen to a steam boiler is an explosion. That is not impossible to happen. Remember, a steam boiler uses water and gas. If the worst-case scenario happens, everyone could be at risk. An employer has to keep a workplace safe. Your employees trust that they’re working in a secure environment. 

Accidents, injuries, and death are possible. It’s your responsibility to prevent any of that from happening. You can start by regularly inspecting the condition of your steam boiler. 


Maintenance is a must for business security.

Overall, steam boiler maintenance is essential to keep your business secure. Secure your work production, sales income, expenses, and people by prioritising your steam boiler. Remember, it won’t only affect your products and services –  but your business performance as well. 


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