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5 Tips to Customize Your Hemp Oil Boxes

We all know about the magical properties of hemp oil. It offers various health benefits, and is not only good for health but also has some relaxing properties to soothe out muscles and reduce tension. Besides, it is beneficial for improving skin health and is widely used in various body care products such as shampoos, moisturizers, creams, etc. Due to its vast properties, hemp oil has become a demanding product in the market.

The market is swarming with manufacturers demanding this product. And those producing these items face tough competition. Hence the only way to rule the market and beat your competitors is to give proper consideration to the packaging and designing of hemp oil boxes. This is because no matter how one uses the product, it is the packaging that changes the entire game of the product. Let us see how we can play when it comes to the customizations of these oil boxes.

Packaging Material

The first and foremost important thing in any packaging is the material used. The packaging material of a box is the actual foundation. It must be strong and durable to keep the product secure. Additionally, the material of the box must be eco-friendly as it tends to leave an impact on the earth so manufacturers must opt for a material that is biodegradable or recyclable.

Among the packaging materials that are available in the market here are two options and you may choose whichever suits you the best.

  • Paperboard is a reliable packaging material. It is economical, long-lasting, and sustainable. It does not trade off the quality of the oil boxes.
  • Cardboard is another strong and sturdy material for packaging. The grade and strength of cardboard can be adjusted as per the product’s requirements. Moreover, it is made from natural wood pulp or recycled paper, which makes it 100% eco-friendly.
  • A corrugated board is ideal for delicate products as it tends to cushion the product during shipping. Thus, providing it a shield against damage or breakage. Also, this board offers the feasibility of design and printing.

Unique Shape and Size of The Box

Make your packaging exquisite by playing with the shape and size of the box. You can experiment with unique and different styles for your packaging boxes. A few options include window box, tuck end box, die-cut box, slider box, coffin box, etc. You can even design the shape of the box on your own and adorn it with different decorating ideas.

Printing And Finishing

Will you pick a product for yourself that has a poorly printed package? No, right? Well, it is undeniable that the printing of a package has a direct impact on the demand for the product being packed in it. Therefore, never compromise on the printing of the packaging.

Always use premium quality printing techniques. Go for vibrant colors, high-quality pigments, and visible fonts that just catch the eye of the onlookers. You may use any of the following printing techniques to give an oomph to your product boxes and boost sales.

  • Embossing and debossing
  • Lamination (matte/ glossy)
  • Spot UV
  • Foiling

Remember that hemp oil is a medicated product so you must print important information such as instructions regarding usage, ingredients, date of manufacture, and expiry date for consumer’s awareness and benefit.

Promote Your Brand

Want to promote your brand through your product packaging? This is not a novel idea, as brands have been using this technique for ages. But the question is how you can create a difference? Let me tell you how.

Think of a tagline that is trendy among your targeted consumers. Make it more interesting by improvising your product name on it. Add these taglines on the side panels of the boxes as it immediately captures the attention of the shoppers who would come forward to give it a read. You can also think of something that goes with the upcoming special occasion or season to promote sales.

To offer buyers a true sense of the product, you may use some unique symbols on the box. You can create visuals around your brand if you want to improve brand recognition. This will serve as a mental check for customers, encouraging them to return to your product in the future. If you’re not convinced, consider how many competitors utilize this tactic.

Add Value to Your Packaging

A customer spends money in purchasing a product to gain value in return. Hemp oil offers multiple health and skin benefits hence why the customers want to spend money on this product. But there are numerous options available in the market for a customer so why would they choose you over others?

This is where the significance of packaging is highlighted. You can offer extra value to the boxes of your hemp oil to benefit your business.

When your packaging offers more value than that of your competitors, your sales will increase as more and more customers will be attracted. You can do so by using smart packaging boxes that can be reused by the customers, thus adding extra value to their purchase. Using boxes for instance those which can be hung offers the convenience of saving space. Offering such extra features not only attracts customers but also adds extra value.


The packaging of hemp oil boxes must be in line with some standard protocols. It must come with a description for consumers’ awareness regarding its usage and side effects. Therefore in addition to the above-mentioned suggestions, you must consider all the safety protocols while designing your customized boxes for hemp oil.

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