5 Reasons for Rejected Vehicle Insurance Claims
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5 Reasons for Rejected Vehicle Insurance Claims

Car Insurance offers benefits that are quite helpful for owners, ranging from compensation for losses due to damage, crime, and theft, to natural disasters and floods. The benefits of Vehicle Insurance do not stop here passengers as well as free tow truck facilities when experiencing an emergency on the road.

As a car insurance policy owner, you need to understand the contents of the policy thoroughly. A description of the clause chapter regarding what conditions are covered and what risks are not guaranteed, as well as what documents are required if one day you have to file a claim.

Do not let the claim submission be rejected because several things are found that are not by the agreed agreement. Don’t be upset, there are 5 possible reasons why your insurance claim was rejected:
  • Inactive Policy

If you already have Vehicle Insurance, make sure your policy status is active. Several reasons cause the policy to die or become inactive, for example being late in paying premiums until the grace period has passed (usually a maximum of 45 days from the last payment deadline). In this condition, it means that your insurance protection is no longer valid, so the guarantee also stops.

  • Past the Deadline

The main point to remember is that the time limit for submitting a claim is quite short, which is no later than 3×24 hours since the incident. If it is more than that, the claim will be rejected. So, if you experience damage or an incident that results in a loss to your car, don’t delay. Immediately contact your insurance company to file a replacement claim, OK!

  • Damage Occurs Before Insurance Period

When you report damage, make sure this happens after the insurance policy is active, okay? It is for this purpose that the claim process requires a survey of your vehicle. If later the insurance company finds data that the damage has been experienced before the insurance is active, then the claim submission will be rejected. This is very reasonable, considering that the protection is active since the active period of insurance begins, not before the purchase of premiums.

  • Incomplete Documents

It is obligatory to understand the stages of submitting a claim, to make it easier for you when you make a replacement claim later. This is intended to avoid rejection and the process may be delayed for a long time due to incomplete requirements.

In all insurance products, as a customer, you will be asked to fill out a form when submitting a claim. Furthermore, for validation, you are also required to attach complementary documents such as a photocopy of your identity. And insurance policy and if needed you will be asked to attach a photo of the vehicle. Make sure you have completed all the documents. So that the claim process can be continued, OK?

  • Claims Not Included in the Clause

The insurance policy contains points of agreement regarding what criteria are included and excluded from insurance coverage. As a customer of a Car Insurance policyholder, you must understand this so that later when submitting a claim you can classify which risks are included in the policy.

If you already understand the contents of your policy, of course. It will be easier for you to make a claim. What if it is included in the dependents, and what conditions are not included in the guarantee. Completing documents is also easier because everything has been prepared from the start. If the requirements are complete, the claim process will certainly be faster!

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