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5 perks of using video to communicate with employees


What if you realized that internal communication video work better for enhancing the efforts of your team than customer engagement videos?

Video in any form helps deliver the right message and cater to multiple interests. So, when it comes to increasing or enhancing your team productivity, have you considered using internal communication video examples?. Statistics have claimed, ‘’Employees are 75% more likely to watch a video than read text.’’

We are confident that internal company videos can shape your team for the better. For instance, online statistics claimed ‘’Two-thirds (67%) of employees are better at completing tasks when communicated by video or by text with images rather than by plain text.’’ Thus to help you confidently invest in this method, this blog covers the top 5 benefits of using videos for remote working. To begin, let’s understand what internal communication videos are used for. 

Purpose Of Internal Communication Videos

Today, many brands use videos to engage their employees instead of just for marketing or sales. 

You are bound to perform multiple actions in your working environment. From training to onboarding to attending meetings. If you had a single source of assistance, wouldn’t it save you a lot of time?

Creating an internal communication video strategy helps you cater to your employees rapidly and engage with them better. You can create valuable resources such as training videos, update videos, etc., to capture your employees’ attention. 

So, how can remote video work for you?

We have covered the top 5 ways internal comms video ideas can work for your brand. 

5 Ways To Incorporate Internal Company Videos

1. Conducts faster communication

Occasionally, organization members will need to share crucial information or a complicated detail. Thus using internal communication videos can help. This solution helps you to create multiple videos and distribute them to any person with a click of a button as well as refrains you from the time wasted to type a long email.

2. Send crucial updates and information

‘’74% of employees have the feeling they are missing out on company news.’’Another benefit of using videos for remote working is to convey required updates.

From sending important business updates to celebrating the achievements of the company’s goals, such information can be created in a visual manner and sent to employees to access. 

Other types of information, such as taxes or salary cuts or bonuses, etc., can be conveyed using the internal communication videos too. 

3. Send business updates

From the person who just joined your company to your partnerships, your team needs to understand the company’s performance and goals. Using internal comms video helps you to convey the brand’s updates conveniently. 

For instance, say that your company has won multiple awards. You can create a video on the same so that whenever a new joinee enters your company, they get a better idea about your brand and how their contributions can enhance it better.

Instead of sharing this same information in person, a video will do the trick. ‘’Employee productivity increases by 20 to 25% in organizations where employees are connected.’’

4. Release product launches 

With your business upscaling and growing in the competitive market, your product will continue to evolve. There will be multiple upgrades and improvements. While one team takes care of these updates, documenting your progress helps other team members understand how the product progresses better. 

Creating an internal company video on this enables you to enhance your product better and lets your team understand the product launch and upgrade to convey the same to users. ‘’85% of employees say they’re most motivated when management offers regular updates on company news.’’

5. Create training videos

Creating training videos is a great way to engage your employees. It is possible to store and access these videos anytime a new employee joins your organization or an existing employee wants to enhance their skills. 


Remote working has grown since the pandemic and it has potential to grow further.‘’74% of companies plan to permanently shift to more remote work post COVID-19.’’ 

Thus it is right to say that incorporating remote work videos will help manage and run your organization better and online proofs reveal,‘’Organizations with effective change and communication programs are 3.5 times more likely to outperform their peers.’’But how can you get started? Here is when enterprise streaming solution providers can assist you. These are experts in this field and offer tons of benefits that can help you enhance your online video platform better.  Which internal comms video benefit captured your attention?


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