online lead generation
online lead generation

5 Best Sources to Generate Quality Leads for Your Business in Malaysia

Identifying the best sources of leads can help businesses scale new revenue, lead generation opportunities. Despite so many online B2B promotional platforms, marketers still find it challenging to find qualified leads. No fixed rule denotes the effectiveness of one lead source over the other. The criteria for successful lead prospecting differ from business to business based on the offerings, ideal client persona, and more. Yet, certain marketing avenues are more likely to generate leads than others. Particularly for B2B businesses in Malaysia, the following five lead sources are considered the most efficient.


1. Client Referrals and Word-of-mouth Reviews for Online Lead Generation

  • Businesses often ignore their existing client base in the quest for robust online lead generation. The more proactive and innovative the CRM policies, the higher the chances of getting high-value referrals from existing clients.
  • Businesses should also introduce referral-driven SOPs in other marketing strategies. For instance, the telemarketing script must instruct the caller to seek references politely if the prospect is not interested.
  • While planning loyalty programs, marketers must include a referral clause, offering special discounts to clients who provide referrals.
  • Online Reputation Management is crucial for successful online lead generation via positive online reviews. It should cover search engines, online directories, social media handles, etc.
  • A high-quality marketing automation tool will enable businesses to nurture their CRM database on auto-mode regularly. It will generate good word-of-mouth and help in retargeting and reselling.


2. Targeted Email Marketing Campaigns

  • A highly personalized email marketing campaign best executes digital demand generation. Generic, mass emails that mostly land up in the spam folder are now obsolete. A highly refined database helps create a tangible impact and invoke the desired response.
  • Furthermore, the email needs to be short, lucid, and compelling with an upfront CTA. Instead of painstakingly researching the email ids of important decision-makers, businesses should purchase a customized B2B email database.
  • Email marketing generates 15 to 20% leads with less investment than other online lead generation sources. In a nutshell, an intuitive email marketing approach is a must for SMEs in Malaysia.


3. Digital Marketing Agency in Malaysia

  • Partnering with a reliable agency is essential for businesses in Malaysia looking to fuel their digital demand generation for solid leads. The reason is simple. Investing in an in-house lead generation campaign may not provide suitable results.
  • When entrusting a professional agency for lead generation, the results are contractually guaranteed. Startups setting their foot in new markets are better off seeking professional digital marketing assistance.
  • Furthermore, a B2B sales enablement team with database management capabilities can be a constant source of high-quality leads.


4. LinkedIn Marketing and Connections

  • Digital demand generation for B2B businesses will be virtually incomplete without considering the LinkedIn marketing initiatives. It doesn’t matter if B2B businesses are not very active on other social media platforms.
  • Attaining a high number of connections on LinkedIn can be very fruitful for online lead generation. The potential is immense, from sending out webinar invites and posting authority-building content to building mutually beneficial connections with other businesses.

5. B2B Events for Both Offline and Online Lead Generation

  • The B2B sales funnel, average buyer behavior, and purchase discretion are pretty different from B2C marketing. Businesses can never lure B2B buyers on impulse. It takes months of nurturing, follow-ups, showcasing expertise, demonstrations, and other forms of communication.
  • Hence, event marketing is an intrinsic aspect of B2B marketing and a sure-shot source of leads. When conducted well with the right audience generation, events can be game-changers for B2B businesses.
  • Before the advent of online events, businesses used to build rapport with potential clients at seminars, trade shows, and conferences. Now, the focus has shifted to webinars, live streaming events, masterclass sessions, etc.



Before studying prospect data and targeting them, it is highly beneficial for B2B businesses to have a sizable leads list. It enables the sales and marketing team to streamline their efforts in the right direction. Amidst the rising competition, businesses in Malaysia are either hiring in-house experts or relying on professional agencies for high-quality leads. In the long run, an active B2B sales pipeline will translate into higher sales and revenue generation.

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