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5 Best Marketing Automation Software 2022

It’s very hard to reach each customer and give guaranteed profits in a customer-oriented market. Connecting and prospecting the customer in various stages is cardinal. And doing it manually is close to impossible so many companies are choosing the path of marketing automation. According to the survey of Salesforce’s state of marketing, 67% of marketing leaders are using at least one marketing automation tool and the other 21% of leaders are planning to start one (Blitzer, 2021).

This enables every small to large business to reduce marketing costs and improve campaigns efficiently, and engage more and more customers (ogi djuraskovic, 2021). According to the Grand View Research, Inc, study, the global marketing automation industry will reach $8.42 billion by 2027.

Since there are lots of marketing automation software that enhances individual business marketing goals, I decided to help you out in this regard.

This blog is written for the students who are searching for the best marketing automation software 2022 on English essay writing service. Below you will find the 5 best marketing automation software.

The top 5 best marketing automation software for 2022

Not all tools are the same or created equal and this also applies to the marketing automation software. One of the most important things you will need to consider while choosing one is to check for its popularity. If a software tool has thousands of active users then it is a good sign. This means it will light into one of the following categories:

  • Affordability,
  • Easy to use,
  • Customer support, and
  • The number of features.

To make it easy for you I went the extra mile for you so you can identify the best.

  • Hubspot.
  • Converted.
  • Sendinblue.
  • Revive old post.
  • Mailchimp.


HubSpot is the all-rounder in marketing automation software because it offers some free tools as well as dozens of enterprise-ready features on your door. This fully stacked platform can be used in inbound marketing, customer service software, and CRM(free).

With the help of CRM, you can generate automatic custom email forms and can schedule emails. Similarly, you can put the whole marketing campaign on autopilot. As well as the human aspects that can be put in your campaigns.


  • Easily test CTAs
  • Integrated analytics
  • Multi-touch marketing attribution
  • Automate workflows
  • Monitor brands mentions
  • Auto-personalize emails
  • Conversion for optimization tools
  • Track marketing ROI
  • Changes automatically the landing page content.
  • Creates hyper-targeted campaigns.


Most tools are available for free on HubSpot. However, using it as an automation marketing platform, can cost you up to $800 per month for 1,000 contracts and provides unlimited users.


It is a marketing automation software, best used for creating advertisements. Converted helps marketers to set up high ROI ads on Facebook, Google, Instagram, and other social media platforms without needing to learn data science. It works on three simple steps that are:

Form a unique audience group.

Create an audience and look like an audience.

Automate and remarket campaigns.


  • CSV and XSV support.
  • Auto remarketing.
  • Unlimited audience.
  • Automatic advertisement.
  • Automate segmentation.
  • Auto prospect marketing.
  • Integrates within e-commerce platforms.
  • Unlimited campaigns.
  • Custom API and Mobile SDK.


Converted offers three types of pricing which can be selected based on the number of campaigns and features.

Starter pack: $99 per month for 2.2k customers.

Medium: $499 per month for 15k customers.

Enterprise: Customize plan.


Another all-rounder is Sendinblue. This tool has many features for customer marketing but we will focus on marketing automation features. If you want a good relationship with your customers through scheduling emails then use auto segmentation and marketing messages.


  • Workflow automation.
  • Better relationship with customers.
  • Open and click-through reports.
  • Real-time statistics.
  • Send time optimization.
  • Email heatmap for engagement.
  • GDPR complaining system.
  • Dedicated landing pages.
  • Email and SMS marketing.


Sendinblue marketing automation software will cost you up to $65 per month for 20k emails monthly,  five landing pages, and three users.

The cost will be $79 for 40k emails. Additional users will cost $12 per month per user and for landing pages, it will cost you up to $24 per month for every new page.

Revive old post

When we talk about marketing automation we can’t forget social media in this regard. Revive old posts or Revive social’s plugins is the finest social media marketing automation tool that grows your social circle on autopilot.

Revive old post is a premium version of the WordPress plugin which is meant for automatically sharing both new and old content on social media. You can share your content on a variety of platforms. It also enables you to track views to see how engaging your content is.


  • Share posts multiple times.
  • Money-back guarantee.
  • 6+ social media platforms.
  • Schedule any post or page.
  • Full control over social shares.
  • Tracking Google Analytics campaigns.
  • Automatically can add hashtags or keywords.
  • Compatible with URL shorteners.
  • Both old and new content can be shared from the WordPress website.


Revive social offers you three levels of pricing which is based on the plan of how many sites you want to use.

Personal: For a single site, it will be $89 per month.

Business: For three sites, it will be $176 per month.

Marketer: For multiple sites, it will be $353 per month.


Mailchimp is perfect for the small business’s marketing automation software. It is a cloud-based software that has lots of features such as customer management, social media management, site building, landing pages, and more. Altogether it proves to be the best marketing campaign.


  • Loyalty rewards.
  • Customers re-engagement.
  • Order notifications.
  • Date-based automation.
  • Behavioral targeting.
  • Product recommendations.
  • Product follow-up.
  • Automated welcome and thank you emails.
  • Product retargeting emails.
  • Abandoned cart emails.


The basic plan is free for up to 2000 contacts. Paid plan starts from $10.20 per month for 50k contacts and 3 audiences.


Every marketer’s entrepreneur favorite tool is marketing automation software. However,  choosing one tool might be a daunting task. If you face any problem while choosing the marketing automation software then come to this blog to consult the list. Therefore, reading the above blog you don’t need to type or ask for “do my essay canada”. You can always have one flavor of the year tool in your marketing strategies.

It is concluded, don’t need to purchase the tool until you like it. Always the first run, the trial version then go for it. If there is no trial then go watch the video related to the software on youtube or read customer testimonials.

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