best home furniture in lahore

5 Advantages To Purchasing Handcraft Hardwood Furniture

Furniture made of wood has endured the test of time. Wood has long been used to make furniture, and its continued use today can be due to wood’s classic beauty and dependability best interior designer in Lahore. Continue reading to find out the advantages of hardwood furniture and why it has withstood time, and fashion, and is still a traditional material in use today.


Furniture made of wood has a certain appeal that cannot be duplicated. Each board has its own personality with different tones, depth, and dynamic grain patterns. As the best interior designer in Lahore, we think it’s important to appreciate the natural warmth, texture, and beauty of wood. Furthermore, wood furniture in the home brings a piece of nature inside to keep us rooted and in touch with it.


best home furniture in lahore


The aesthetic attractiveness of wood does not compromise any stability. Solid hardwoods are incredibly strong and designed to survive for many generations. The handcrafted furniture supplied by 1st choice interior is made from pakistani hardwoods such as cherry, maple, walnut, white oak, and ash. All of which perform extraordinarily well on the Janka Scale, a measurement of wood’s hardness and resistance to wear. The strength of conventional joinery, a crucial element stressed in many of the original designs by 1st choice Furniture. As well as coatings to shield the wood from humidity. Water damage, and other elements make handcrafted wood furniture incredibly durable.


On the Harbor Dining Table, traditional finger joints.

The Harbor Table’s traditional finger joints, which rank among the strongest joints in woodworking, offer strength and beauty.

Simple Upkeep

Wood furniture doesn’t need special maintenance to last for many years. Surface-finished wood furniture, such as the lacquer and conversion varnishes used by Chilton Furniture, is particularly low maintenance. To retain the original brilliance, simply dust and wipe with a damp towel from time to time. For more information, see our furniture care page.

Simple repair or reuse

The versatility of wood furniture is another advantage. Living with wood furniture is possible without concern for long-term deterioration. Small dings and scratches are readily removed with steam or sanding for a quick refresh. Or wood furniture can be totally refurbished and restored to match today’s needs after years of heavy use by the family, including meals, crafts, and pet scratches. As best home furniture in Lahore We’ve all seen the do-it-yourselfers who give an old table new life by painting it or sanding and refurbishing it.
With a quick refinish, these table tops that have seen years of wear and tear now appear brand new.


best interior designer in lahore


Your handcrafted wood furniture will have a negligible environmental impact, allowing you to rest comfortably. The aforementioned durability traits of wood furniture reduce the needless disposal of waste.

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