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4 Things to Know Before Taking Your First Dance Class

Did you grow up around people who are great dancers? Then it’s no surprise that you’re interested in learning the art of dance as well. From parties to family gatherings, when everyone knows how to move to the beat, you don’t want to feel left out, right?

There are hundreds of different dance styles, so start by knowing which one interests you the most. Our tip would be to start with something easy to help build the flow. Once you know which dance style you want to learn, you need to consider a few things.

Here are some other things you should consider.

Think About Your Outfit

Dancing isn’t about looking good but feeling good. It’s essential to wear something you’ll be comfortable in because you want to move easily without feeling self-conscious. For example, wearing tight clothes might limit your movement and prevent you from practicing the right dance moves. Moreover, it’ll lead to discomfort and even cause injury!

Mindset Matters

Whether you’re signing up for a beginner’s dance class or a professional dance class, you’ll be challenged in many ways. Remember, you’re not there to nail every move. You’ll be good at some and suck at others, but that’s okay!

Coming to the class with the mindset to do everything perfectly can demotivate you. Instead, relax and ask for help whenever you need it—and remember to be open for feedback.

You Don’t Always Need a Partner

The first question people ask when signing up for a dance class for the first time is, “Do I need to bring a dance partner?” In fact, this is one of the reasons why some people hesitate to sign up for a dance class. The answer to this question is: no, you don’t need to bring a dance partner since your instructor will probably pair you with someone in the class.

Dance Terms

Every job has its jargon that makes it easy to remember things, including dancing. At first, you might feel lost and not understand something, but that’s all right. The key is to do your homework on dancing jargon  and watch some videos before going all in. It’ll help you prepare for what to expect on your first day. And if you still feel lost, you can always ask your instructor.
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