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4 Benefits of Taking a Bath

Do you prefer to take a bath or a shower? Most people have a favorite, or may answer that question differently depending on their mood or situation. For example, you may prefer a long hot bath, propped up against a comfortable bathtub cushion, but might only have access to a shower stall.


Those that prefer showers over baths when both options are available, may not realize they are missing out on some key pluses! Here are the top four benefits to taking a bath.


Joints & Muscles


It may seem like hot water in a shower is just as effective as a bath to soothe aching joints after a long day, but not necessarily.


With the proper support of your head and neck from a bath pillow, you can stretch your body and get relief from stress on joints, muscles, and bones.


Studies have shown that movement in water has a lower impact on your body and is ideal for exercising. While you can’t exactly do water aerobics in your bathtub, doing simple leg, knee, ankle, and foot stretches are easy while taking a bath. This is not something you could do safely while standing in a slippery shower.


Another benefit of baths is they oxygenate your blood and improve flow which is great for your overall circulation.


Regulate Body Temp


We have all heard that taking a cold shower can alleviate certain moods, and all joking aside, there is truth to that. Yet sitting in a bath is more conducive to regulating your body temperature.


If it’s a really cold day, warming up is easy in a hot bath. Also because you are soaking in the warm or hot water instead of just having it rush across your skin, you’re able to absorb more of the moisture.


It goes without saying that swimming in a cool pool, or ocean on a hot day is the best way to cool down. That is because your entire body is immersed in the water allowing your core temperature to regulate. Since you can’t swim in the tub, you could always lean into a soft and supportive bathtub cushion and let the water work its magic.


You may have noticed that even after you take a cool shower, it doesn’t take too long for you to get warm again. That is because your body hasn’t had the time to truly regulate across the board. If you take a longer soak in a cool water tub, you are less likely to experience a temperature hike.


Sleep & Mood


It has been shown that sleeping in a cooler or cold room can aid in a more restful sleep. The same can be said about a warm bath before bedtime.


When your body cools down it releases melatonin, a natural sleeping hormone that your body produces at night.  While a warm bath will raise your body temperature, as soon as you leave the warm bathroom, you will cool off. This accelerates the production and aids in falling asleep faster, in addition to sleeping more soundly.


It goes without saying that a more rested person has a clearer mind and better overall mental health. A relaxing bath with a bathtub cushion can diminish, depressive feelings and give you an overall sense of comfort and relief.


That, with the combined physical benefits is another great reason to become a bather.


Overall Health


There are a few other interesting health perks to taking baths. Taking a bath burns calories. Say what? Surprisingly, taking a hot bath can burn away calories comparable to a long walk.

If you have a cold or the flu, soaking in a warm tub with some helpful bath accessories like eucalyptus Epsom salts can make you feel much better.

If you can stand the water a little hotter, the steam from a hot bath can clear your sinuses and help relieve cough.


This may also be true when taking a shower, but relaxing up against a comfortable bathtub cushion is a lot easier than standing in a shower when you’re not feeling well. Baths are also known to help increase your immunity because the hot water kills bacteria which helps you get better faster.


Baths are also great for your skin! You can add several oils and salts to baths, but just absorbing the steam from a bath alone opens pores and gives your skin a more healthy glow. Baths are an excellent way to hydrate the body in all aspects.


Our bodies are made mostly of water, which is why it shouldn’t be surprising to learn that immersing ourselves in water has various health benefits. So, turn on the water, pull up the tub stopper, and get the bubble bath ready. Soak your way to feeling healthy, rested, and clean!