15 Clever Ways to Save Money on Your Next Move

15 Clever Ways to Save Money on Your Next Move

If you have ever encountered relocation then you must be knowing how chaotic house shifting in Bangalore is. Indeed, house relocation is a tough task, but it becomes even tougher with a lack of experience and knowledge, making it expensive for the relocators. Moving from one city to another or a locality within the same city can also be expensive. There are a lot of expenses a relocator bears during home shifting in Bangalore. But there are ways to save money if everything is done correctly.

If you want to know some good ways to save money during a move then you have reached the right place. We have compiled all the resources of the area, where you can save money during a household relocation in Marathahalli, Bangalore. Let’s discuss them in detail.

Don’t Move What You Don’t Use/Want

There’s no benefit of moving that you don’t use. Hence, discard all useless and unwanted items. Following are the best way to discard unwanted goods: –

1) Sell or donate things

When you don’t like keeping a thing or item then opt for selling or donating it. Donating will help you to help the needy or poor. While selling the items will help you to make money, which you can later use on moving expenses.

2) Give them to your friends or relatives

You may not use them, but your friends might be in the need of that item. Hence, it’s always good to ask your friends, neighbors, or relatives. They can keep whatever they will need.

3) Avoid eating at restaurants the days leading up to the move

Stop eating at restaurants during the last few days in your current house. This will help you save money because after shifting to a new place, you will have to east outside for a few days. Cook everything you have in your fridge or pantry. Not only you will save money this way but also get rid of the edibles before moving.

Save Money When Packing Items for a Move

If you keep a few things in mind, you can easily save a lot of money while packing the items.

4) Pack your goods by yourself

Packers and movers Marathahalli will charge based on the number of items they will pack. If you will pack the goods yourself then you can save money. The more you have packed up, the fewer times movers will take to move your goods. But remember, if you are unsure of packing things then do not try it because you will risk your goods this way.

5) Get free boxes

Arrange for free boxes. Check where you can arrange the boxes from. Go to local vendors who have some carton boxes that they can provide boxes free of cost.

6) Know where to get packing materials from

There are some transport companies that provide packing supplies. Also, some provide moving boxes at really cheap prices. You can also ask your transport company in Bangalore to provide some boxes. If you have availed of their goods transport services in Bangalore they can provide packing supplies for free.

And if you have already hired a full-service house shifting company in Marathahalli, Bangalore then there’s nothing to worry about. The movers will bring their packing supplies to pack your goods.

7) Use what you already have

It’s not necessary to buy boxes. You can use the amazon boxes. Also, use your markers and pens to label the boxes.

8) Use linens and sheets to pack things

Experts use bubble wrap along with some other packing supplies to pack your belongings. But buying bubble wrap can be too costly for you. Instead of spending a lot of money on bubble wrap, consider using linens and sheets or small blankets to pack the fragile items. These will prevent the breakables from breaking or getting damaged.

9) Use original boxes if you have

All the appliances and electronics like TV should be packed in their original boxes. If you have the original ones, use them to pack their items. Not only you will save money but also the boxes will safeguard the item.

10) Use a suitcase to pack items

It’s not necessary to use only cartons or cardboard boxes for packing. Use the things that you already have like a suitcase, traveling bag, trolly, and backpack. This way you can transport two or more items packed in one.

Save Money While Hiring Packers and Movers

11) Move during off-season

Relocating during off-peak season will help you to save a lot. Even the season affects local house shifting charges in Marathahalli, Bangalore. So, plan wisely. Most people relocate during weekends. Thus, weekends become the busiest time for local packers and movers in Bangalore. They can charge higher fees. If you want to save money then move during weekdays instead of weekends.

12) Hire budget-friendly movers and packers

It’s not necessary to hire expensive movers and packers. There are a few packers and movers in Marathahalli that offer great services at affordable prices. You just have to find them out.

13) Compare moving estimates

One of the best ways to find affordable local packers and movers in Marathahalli, Bangalore is to get multiple quotations. Collect estimates or quotes from different moving agencies. Moving estimates or quotations help in comparing packers and movers charges and the services the package includes. This way you can not only hire the one that suits your budget but also the one that fits your requirements.

14) Get friends and family help

It’s not necessary to hire full-service packers and movers. You can hire only goods transporter in Marathahalli. The transporters will transport your belongings locally in Bangalore. And for packing your belongings you can call your friends and family members. With them, you can move and load the goods onto the truck more efficiently. This way you can save on labor costs.

15) Ask your family and friends to watch toddlers

Instead of hiring a sitter to take care of your kids. They can take care of them while you will be packing and moving your items.

These are the 15 clever ways you can save money on your move. Apart from these things you can do one more thing: –

Use Coupons and Look for Deals

While searching online packers and movers near me in Marathahalli, Bangalore, you will find several suggestions. Meanwhile, you will find some coupons and discount offers online offered by some reputed moving companies in Bangalore.

They give a few codes, which you can use to get up to 10-30% discount on packers and movers in Bangalore. Find such coupon codes and get discounts from professional movers and packers on house shifting services in Bangalore. And save money on your move up to 30%.


We have tried to cover all the areas where you can save money during a household move in Marathahalli, Bangalore. You can see that house shifting can be an expensive affair if not given importance to even the minor things. We hope you have enjoyed reading this article and found it beneficial for you. Feel free to share your thoughts with us.

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