A Custom Mirror Glass in a Small Bathroom

11 Small Bathroom Ideas to Make Your Bathroom Feel Bigger

You need a lot of planning and designing when you intend to construct a new home. From larger living spaces to bathrooms, kitchens, and even the smallest of spaces, you try to make the best out of the available area with efficient space utilization techniques. Find out some interesting remodeling bathroom ideas to elevate your space.

Designing smaller bathrooms can be challenging. You want to incorporate all the essential elements of a bathroom without making it look overstuffed. The good news is that there are many ways to make your bathroom look bigger without increasing its square footage. Scroll down to discover 11 amazing small bathroom ideas to make your bathroom feel bigger.

1. Choose Light Colors

Lights colors are best to use in compact spaces. This is because light reflects from its surface and gives the room a wider look. You can use the same light color for all your bathroom fittings and walls. For this purpose, white is our all-time favorite. The white color never goes out of style and gives your bathroom a spacious look. Since all bathroom fittings and tiles are easily available in white, it’s also easier to design an all-white bathroom—everything goes with white.

2. Use Transparent Glass Frameless Shower Enclosures Instead of Shower Curtains

While shower curtains obstruct the bathroom’s view, using glass enclosures for your shower area is perfect for giving it a wide and open look. Frameless shower enclosures provide a sleek and fine look to your shower area. The biggest benefit of a frameless glass shower enclosure is that the partition is barely noticeable. Shower enclosures also keep the water from splashing outside of the shower area.

A Framed Shower Enclosure in a Small Bathroom to Enhance Space

3. Use a Large-Sized Wall Mirror or Multiple Mirrors

Mirrors are best-used to reflect more light into the room and make the space appear bigger. Use a large-sized frameless glass mirror to cover a complete bathroom wall, preferably the one opposite the vanity mirror. You can also use multiple large mirrors on opposite sides of the walls to create an illusion of extra space.

4. Use Glass Roofs and Bigger Windows to Let Natural Light In

Natural light not only saves electricity, but it also helps in creating an impression of added space. Glass roofs and large windows provide ample natural light to lit up your bathroom. On top of it, cleaning window glass is easier and inexpensive. Glass roofs make your bathroom feel bigger by extending interior to outer space, and you can also enjoy bright blue skies while taking a shower inside your home.

5. Use Backlights for Mirrors

Backlights in mirrors give your bathroom a stunning modern look while making your bathroom appear bigger. The soft lights easily fuse with surrounding natural or artificial lights and create an illusion of a wider space.

Using Backlight for Mirror Makes Bathroom Look Bigger

6. Cover Wall Completely with Tiles

Prefer stretching your bathroom’s wall tiles up to the ceiling to give a more vertically-extended look. The simple logic behind it is that the more compact the place is in its horizontal dimensions, adding a visual extension in the vertical dimension can make smaller spaces appear bigger. Use smaller ceramic tiles for walls to create an illusion of high walls.

7. Use Reflective High-Gloss Paints

High-gloss paints have reflective surfaces no matter the color. High-gloss paints reflect the artificial or natural light hitting at an angle. The shiny reflective surface allows more light to shine into the bathroom, which, in turn, makes the room appear bigger.

8. Minimize Decorative Items

The more decorative and utility items you place in the washroom, the stuffier it will look. A clean and clear ledge with minimum items is a perfect formula to give your bathroom a bigger look.

9. Match Ceiling Color with Walls

When you use different colors for your wall and ceiling, the delineation of these two becomes vivid and gives your bathroom a closed and compact look. Using the same color (preferable light color) for your walls and ceiling visually extends your ceilings, and your bathroom looks bigger than its actual size.

A Small Bathroom with a Matching Ceiling Paint Color

10. Use Large, Plain-Colored Floor Tiles

Using large, plain-colored floor tiles gives a perception of roominess. Using smaller floor tiles in a tiny bathroom is a typical design mistake because it generates more separating lines between the tiles, making the space appear smaller. Choosing a large, plain-colored tile will give the impression of more floor space and a cleaner, less cluttered look.

11. Avoid Using Big Bathing Tubs

Big bathing tubs take a lot of extra space. While bathtubs are a perfect choice for large-sized bathrooms, avoid installing them when you’re short of space. Smaller bathtubs can fit nicely in your small bathroom if there is a small dedicated corner, or use a frameless or framed glass shower enclosure instead.

Spruce up Your Bathroom’s Look with Glass Shower Enclosures

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