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Photography, a market in complete reconfiguration. Recent technological advances have aided in the democratization of photography business plans. Indeed, increasingly sophisticated digital equipment development has led to new demands. Likewise, the appearance of new media and influencers has contributed to the evolution of the photography sector.

Photography is an art that attracts many enthusiasts, more than half a million photographers globally, including more than 37,000 professionals in France. A photographer earns an average of 30,000 euros per year. Overall, the market is around 12 billion euros in turnover.

The auto-entrepreneur status has allowed many people to start as photographers. The number of photographers working under auto-entrepreneurs has increased considerably in recent years. You should know that today, one in two photographers works as self-employed people.

Are you passionate about photography, and do you want to start as a photographer (in an agency or freelancer)? It all starts with writing a solid business plan. This work will allow you to ensure the sustainability of your activity and solidify your strategy and even obtain a loan from a bank. How to succeed? We’ll tell you everything.


The growing dominance of social networks. Landscape, animal, and nature photos are the most liked and shared. Family and group of friend images come second, and selfies are third. Any photographer who wishes to enter the professional sector must be aware of these trends and integrate them into their offer to gain visibility on social networks (and therefore, indirectly, increase their turnover).

Offer services in event photography business plan. Wedding, birth, baptism: most people want to immortalize the most significant events of their life by taking photos. The demands tend to increase with the revolution of social networks. Indeed, Internet users increasingly want to share the highlights of their lives with their loved ones through social networks.

Photography is the most profitable. Despite the emergence of new market segments, corporate communication still occupies a golden place in the photography sector. Portraits of managers, conferences, team building photography, and annual activity reports: these services are part of the demands that have grown enormously in recent years. A market segment in which to develop?

As a photographer works above all on the visual identity, it is essential to show that yours is irreproachable. Indeed, customers and bankers will want to consult your latest achievements to appreciate your work. This is why it is essential to have an online portfolio. You can create a site where you will publish your best photos or opt for a personalized portfolio in your image.

An excerpt from our photography business plan template


List the initiatives you will put in place to acquire customers. For example, visual identity occupies a prominent place in photography. Therefore, it is essential to benefit from excellent visibility during all the events you participate in. In addition, networking is also a critical factor in being known. Therefore, the communication and marketing budget should be important in your projected income statement (at least 10% of turnover).

Determine pricing that will allow you to be profitable. To prove that your project is viable, you will need to present a break-even analysis in your photography business plan. This will depend in particular on the price of your services, which you will have to set in your financial forecast. As with every service delivery business plan, observe the prices fees by the competition and estimate the cost price.

Stand out by offering selfie terminals. More and more wedding photographers and event agencies are diversifying their services by using connected automatic shooting devices. Indeed, the craze for the social photography business has multiplied the requests for the rental and sale of selfie boxes over the past two years. You can include this kind of start-up investment in your provisional financing plan.

Your cash balance should show that you can quickly pay yourself a salary. Therefore, you must include your salary in the disbursements in your projected cash budget. You must also ensure that the turnover generated (and any other receipts) allow you to maintain a positive cash balance throughout the next few years (generally, a financial forecast is spread for three years ).

To prove that your project is viable, you will need to present a break-even analysis in your photography business plan.



You are guaranteed not to forget anything. Everything is already there, and everything is written in this 35-page document. Just modify the texts and images so that the business plan fits perfectly with your project. For example, you will have to change the competitors’ names and add some local data about your business project. Everything else is directly re-usable. Reduce your writing time by five and benefit from our team’s long work hours, thanks to our business plan templates.

A professional and already complete business plan. We offer you an entirely written business plan template for photographers, ready to be completed. It contains all the information and the essential elements of a solid and complete business plan: data on the photography market, the marketing strategy of a photographer, the SWOT analysis, the analysis of the competition, or even the Business Model Canvas.

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